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Windows – with Style & Elegance

Our windows are tailor made to your specification. They are double glazed and fully sealed. With the advances made in technology and glass manufacture we can provide A Rated windows as standard.

Our range of windows is second to none in both style and quality. With options for colour, glass and furniture the choice is endless.From a modern home to a farmhouse we have the solution!!

Customise your windows to suit your precise needs with finishes that look good and will stay looking good

Casement Windows

whitecasement.jpgOld or new, urban or rural… Whatever the age and location of your property, you can’t go wrong with a casement window from NB Windows.

All casement windows are tailor-made to suit your home, manufactured to virtually any height or width you require. As standard and wherever possible, our casement windows are ‘A’ Energy Rated.

Custom built for a perfect fit, they are double glazed and fully sealed to make your home wonderfully warm and draught free for years to come. Advanced glass technology and our superior insulation also ensure that your new casement windows offer reduced noise and increased energy efficiency, as well as optimal warmth.

You’ll find that high quality casement windows will enhance your home in an attractive and practical way.

For more information on any of our windows, please contact NB Windows

Tilt & Turn

tiltandturn.jpgOpening at the top or the side, our tilt and turn window is simple to clean and always secure. Tilt & Turn windows are made from strong and durable uPVC, virtually maintenance free and their simple style is particularly suited to contemporary homes.

Simply turn the window handle once and you can open the top slightly to let in air while retaining a high level of security. Twist the handle again and the window will swing inward on side hinges to make it easy for you to reach and clean its outside surface.

Like all our windows, our tilt and turn windows are smart, warm, quiet, secure and highly practical. They are tailor-made to suit your home, and manufactured to exacting standards.

What’s more, our uPVC tilt turn windows require virtually no maintenance – the tough, resilient surfaces simply wipe clean with a cloth.

Designed to virtually any height or width you require, you’ll find that high quality tilt turn windows will enhance your home in an attractive and practical way for years to come.

For more information on any of our windows, please contact NB Windows

Vertical Sliding

verticalSlidingWindow.jpgOur range of Heritage Vertical Sliders capture the authentic appearance and familiar function of the traditional timber vertical sliding window but with a whole host of modern features. High performance, security, ease of use and cleaning plus energy efficiency.

Authentic detailing to the sash horns, deep bottom rail, slim interlock and traditional chamfer on the sashes. In the traditional property, it is almost indistinguishable from a timber alternative yet it offers all the inherent advantages of modern materials.

For more information on any of our windows, please contact NB Windows

French Windows

french.jpgFrench Windows are excitingly different and certainly contemporary, yet with classical good looks.

Both sides open fully leaving a clear, unobstructed opening. This gives an easy escape route should there ever be an emergency.

Our French Windows provide an attractive, highly functional and reliable solution to a British problem where a fully opening window is needed to meet fire and Building Regulations or for access with furniture. Alternatively, home-owners might simply prefer the capability of operating both sashes leaving a totally uninterrupted open area.

French Windows operate in a similar way to French Doors. One sash is the Master, which can be opened and closed at will. The second is the Slave sash together with the floating mullion, that can only be opened when the Master is open. A shoot bolt provides security to the slave with an Espagnolette to the Master.

For more information on any of our windows, please contact NB Windows

Bay Windows

bow.jpgBay and bow windows are an attractive feature in any property. They make a big difference to the feel of a room, making any room feel bigger. They are constructed using normal fully reinforced window frames. The frames are connected using structural bay pole assembly kits or reinforced corner posts for square bay / bow windows. The external sill, which the frames sit on, is welded together to create one sill under all.

For more information on any of our windows, please contact NB Windows

Fully Reversible Windows

fullreversible.jpgOur fully reversible window has been designed to meet the growing requirement for easily maintained windows for multi-storey apartment blocks. The Reversible window provides a simple, safe method of carrying out routine maintenance where it might otherwise be difficult to clean in the traditional manner.

The Reversible range is available fully finished in any of our extended range of colours and woodgrains.

For more information on any of our windows, please contact NB Windows

Structural Integrity

Impact resistant, multi-chamber PVCu profiles are engineered for strength and where appropriate, are reinforced with galvanised steel.

You can be confident in every application whether it’s a custom built conservatory or a super strong jacking system for bay windows and couple frames.

Energy Efficiency

energyefficiency3.jpgThe British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has introduced a window energy rating scheme very similar to that of domestic appliances.

Products, that have been tested, will display the ratings grade (A-G) A being the highest, G lowest. Those with C or above will be able to use the Energy Efficiency tag.

Our windows are available to give you a choice of windows with ratings from A-C.

Windows acheiving a BFRC window energy rating of C or above can be endorsed under the Energy Saving Trust’s Recommendation scheme. This allows the use of their logo to assure you that the window has met set criteria on energy efficiency.


NB Windows have done several jobs for us and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Absolutely brilliant. I have recommended them to my friends - Mrs S Brown, Northampton
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